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Teatro Nuovo – Theater Season 2021/2022


Teatro Nuovo – Theater Season 2021/2022

“Theater is nothing but man’s desperate effort to give meaning to life” – Eduardo de Filippo

About the event
Teatro Nuovo Viale Romagnosi, 24 - 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

Teatro Nuovo di Salsomaggiore - tel. 0524 070274 (attivo solo i giorni degli spettacoli)

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PROGRAM 2021/ 2022


In compliance with the current legislation for the prevention of Covid 19, to access all the shows it will be necessary to show the Green Pass (except for children under 12 years old). At the entrance, the room staff in charge will ask you to show the Green Pass digital or paper QR Code. It is also mandatory to wear a mask.

Saturday 12 March 2022 at 21.00 :

Angelo Pisani and Katia Follesa in : “Finchè social non ci separi”

Written, directed and interpreted by: Angelo Pisani and Katia Follesa

In collaboration with: Luciano Federico

Direction, sound and lights: Dino Pecorella

Angelo and Katia, couple on stage but primarily in real life, have chosen to say each other everything even the less beautiful things. For doing that, they have relied on irony that softens the tones without diminishing thr importance of what is said.

Everything starts with a list of defects. Katia writes those of Angelo and he makes the same with those of her. The list is immediately shown to the public who will be a sort of actor why people are invited to give their opinion using social madia and anonymous piece of paper.

A comic show that wants to undeline that beauty lies in the diversity of the two worlds: the male one made up of football, beer and sex and the female one, with its infinite and incomprehensible (for a man) nuances.


I Sector: full € 35.00

II Sector: full € 32.00

III Sector: full € 25.00

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights

Sunday 13 March 2022 at 21.00:

Inti-illimani with Giulio Wilson in “Vale la pena” tour

Concerts to support human rights and to protect migrants

Music travels beyond borders in the direction of a world where you can respect the comparison between people, the dialogue and the human freedom. “Life as a surprise” as Inti-illimani sing in the song “Vale la pena”.

The tour supports activities of Amnesty International Italia, “Voices for freedom” festival and the awareness company to protect migrants.

Inti-illimani has always been ambassadors of the resistance against dictatorships, injustices and of the musical heritage of Latin America. They sing their civil commitment against class struggles, in defence of democracy and progress against all kind of abuse, repression and violence.

“It is worth to believe in people. We must build a society based on trust and affecion”, with these words Jorge Coulòn, front-man of the group, wants to underline what they want to do with their music.


I Sector: full € 23.00 / reduced € 20.70

II Sector: full € 23.00 / reduced € 20.70

III Sector: full € 20.00/ reduced € 18.00

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights

Friday 25 March 2022 at 21.00

Luca Bono in “L’Illusionista”

By and with: Luca Bono

With: Sabrina Iannece

Direcion: Arturo Brachetti

Production: Muvix Europa

In this show, the young Luca Bono, retraces his human and professional path with sincerity and passion, between great illusions, close up, manipulation and audience involvement.

An original and innovative kind of show for theatrical stages that amazes, excites, entertains and captures spectators of all ages.


I Sector: full € 25.00 / reduced € 22.50

II Sector: full € 20.00 / reduced € 18.00

III Sector: full € 20.00/ reduced € 18.00

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights

Friday 8 April 2022 at 21.00:

Natalino Balasso in “Dizionario Balasso”

There’s a big book in the middle of the stage, in its inside we find over 250 definitions lined up like in a dictionary.


I Sector: full € 30.00

II Sector: full € 26.00

III Sector: full € 22.00

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights

Sunday 17 April 2022 at 17.30

Easter Concert with “Musici di Parma”

Traditionnal date fot the Easter Concert with the talented symphony orchestra “I Musici di Parma”.

Presale available soon

Saturdat 7 May 2022 at 21.00

Fabio Concato in concert

Fabio Concato, one of the few italian singer familiar with jazz music. For his characteristic musical harmony, will play a concert based on music and words, between the serious and the witty.


I Sector: full € 30.50

II Sector: full € 30.50

III Sector: full € 25.30

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights

Saturday 14 May at 21.00

Sunday 15 May at 16.30

“9 to 5” Musical

The Travellers

It is the 2009 Broadway Musical “9 to 5” with Dolly Parton’s songs that is based on themes like workplace mobbing, consideration of the woman and female revenge. Actual themes dealt with courage and irony.


I Sector: full € 30.00/ reduced € 27.00

II Sector: full € 26.00/ reduced € 23,00

III Sector: full € 22.00/ reduced € 20.00

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights

Friday 27 May at 21.00

I Legnanesi with “Ridere”

A journey through time to lough together


Written by Antonio Provasio, Mitia Del Brocco

Scenography and costumes by Enrico Dalceri

Artistic director Sandra Musazzi

Production director Enrico Barlocco

Produced by Chi.Te.Ama

Directed by Antonio Provasio


I Sector: full € 34.00

II Sector: full € 30.00

III Sector: full € 26.00

N.B. The prices indicated do not include any pre-sale rights



San Michele Campagna/ Loc. Chiusa Ferranda – 43036 Fidenza (PR)

Phone number: 0524 335556



Giandomenico Romagnosi Street, 24

Phone number: 0524 0702774



In the section dedicated to “Events and Shows” you can find the “Booking button” for the show you want to partecipate in.

The presale of tickets at the Tourist Information Office and On-line is active until midnight of the day before the show.

On the day of the show it will be possible to buy the tickets ONLY at THE THEATER BOX OFFICE from 6.00 p.m. to 8.45 p.m.


People who are entitled to reductions (when provided and without different indications) are:

  • under 25 years old
  • over 65 years old
  • free access for disabled person.

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