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“Marzaroli Family” Art Collection – Permanent Historical-Documentary Exhibition

“Marzaroli Family” Art Collection – Permanent Historical-Documentary Exhibition

The Marzaroli legacy, an art treasure for the city

The cultural heritage of the city of Salsomaggiore Terme is enriched thanks to the donation of original and historical works belonging to the Marzaroli family.

The legacy includes three sculptures, a bas-relief, a painting, 11 engravings with the relative copper plates, personal historical documents of the artists Cristoforo, Alessandro, Manlio, Dino and Lella all descendants of the Marzaroli dynasty, a family originally from Salsomaggiore Terme.

In 2021 the Municipal Administration acquired the historical documentary materials including some artistic works, delivered by the family heirs: Giordano Marzaroli, Grazia Maria Marzaroli, Alberta Rossetti, Gabriella Rossetti and Gian Luca Rossini, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the spouses Raffaella “Lella” and Alessandro “Dino” Marzaroli.

The works and documents, on display in the Gian Domenico Romagnosi Municipal Library, refer to the “dynasty of artists” of the family and precisely to:

  • Cristoforo (1836-1871) sculpture, progenitor of the family
  • Alessandro (1868-1951) sculpture, son of Cristoforo
  • Manlio (1894-ante 1951) sculpture, son of Alessandro
  • Alessandro known as Dino 81925-1994) engraver, great grandson
  • Raffaella known as Lella (1925-2020) paintress, great granddaughter

Raffaella Marzaroli, known by all as Lella, who passed away last year, was the wife of Dino Marzaroli, the last descendant of Cristoforo: an eclectic person, Lella possessed a boundless love for art, so much so that she painted many pictures with glimpses of the spa town and the territory and a gallery in viale Matteotti entitled “La Soffitta” was to be opened with her husband, while her open and ready to joke character had led her to create the folkloristic character of “La Filoma”.

Lella Marzaroli, loved to say that “the deep respect for people and the great love for her city were the precious inheritance received from her parents, feelings that she had always tried to keep alive by committing her entire life to the social and voluntary sectors” .

Monday to Saturday 9.00-17.00

Entrance to the exhibition is only possible by reservation by calling 0524 580204 from 9.00 – 12.30 from Monday to Friday, maximum 2/3 people at a time in accordance with the provisions for the Covid emergency.

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