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Musica alle Terme Concerts

Musica alle Terme Concerts


Music Academy Concerts

A journey inside renowned and unreleased pieces of classical music played by the young musicians attending “I Musici di Parma” Music Academy. A Classical Music Festival where the leading musicians are young talented artists, who are likely to be the next leading players in the Italian and international music scene.

Musica alla Terme” (i.e. music inside thermae) at its 8th edition, gets its name from the location where the most part of concerts take place that is Thermae Berzieri, the iconic palace which undoubtedly stands like a unique jewel of Liberty style architecture. The academy organizes high improvement music courses for qualified young musicians who want to improve their talent assisted by famous and skilled Maestros of Music. The Artistic Director of the Academy “I Musici di Parma” is Maestro Carlo D’Alessandro Caprice.

The main authors of this unique high level qualifying experience are the apprentices of “I Musici di Parma” Academy of Salsomaggiore Terme, for three months, from March to June, they train to improve their own music knowledge and during this time the trainees are flanked with experienced and famous musicians Maestros of Music, able to help them learn all the tricks of music especially linked to the particular instrument object of the instrumental course.

In the period, evening after evening live concerts will involve public, amazing the members of the audience with music and players instrument virtuosity.

“Musica alle Terme” is a prelude to the well-known “Salso Summer Class & Festival”, an event which is the natural continuation of the academy evening concerts. In fact the festival stages the most brilliant apprentices of the academy who will perform together with famous and illustrious players of the international classical music scene.

Info: Accademia I Musici di Parma – Lorenzo Berzieri square, Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma, Italy)

official web site Musici di Parma

Salso Summer Class & Festival 2020

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