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Food and Wine Tours in Parmesan Land


Food and Wine Tours in Parmesan Land

Enjoy the genuine and unique taste of the Food Valley’s products and exclusive gastronomic experiences!

Gastronomy is the common element of all the parmesan touristic excellences.
Parma is also the “Capital of Taste” and good cuisine, boasting a number of nationally and internationally renowned agri-food products of outstanding quality.
Three food and wine tours born under the sign of good taste are worth mentioning in a land that hosts the European Authority for the Food Security due to its tradition.

Wine and Taste Route of Parma:
Culatello di Zibello Route
Ham and Wine of parmesan hills route
Porcino Mushroom of Borgotaro Route

The Food Museum in the province of Parma are worth mentioning too.

1 Parmigiano Reggiano Museum
2 Tomato Museum
3 Parma Ham Museum
4 Salami of Zibello Museum
5 Culatello of Zibello Museum
Crossed locations
  • 1  Parmigiano Reggiano Museum
  • 2  Tomato Museum
  • 3  Parma Ham Museum
  • 4  Salami of Zibello Museum
  • 5  Culatello of Zibello Museum

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