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Food Valley

…WHERE THE EXCELLENCES BORN! Art, nature, good cuisine and quality wines are very good reasons to explore the Food Valley of which Salsomaggiore Terme and the province of Parma are […]

Tortelli d'erbetta, history of a De.C.O. product

Chocolates and pralines - De.C.O. sweetness by Marco Biolzi

Chocolate meets Salt and typical Liquor of Salsomaggiore: this is how De.C.O. chocolates and pralines are born

Craving for homemade ice cream!

Artisan Ice Cream: a sweet excellence of Salsomaggiore

Cuisine and Emilian tradition

In the local culinary art the genuiness of the products perfectly match with the rezdore' skill and passion. Rezdore are the skilled cooks which manage the family kitchen preparing the traditional rich and tasty dishes.

"Girogustando", the food tradition and the typical products of our land

Full of flavours food and wine trips. Taste the excellences of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Terme.

Local Markets

Markets in Salsomaggiore.

De.C.O. Products - Municipal Designation of Origin

To the discovery of the traditional local products

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Comune Salsomaggiore

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