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Tortelli d’erbetta, history of a De.C.O. product

Tortelli d’erbetta, history of a De.C.O. product

On the night of june 23rd Parma and its province celebrate a ritual.
People organize open air dinners with friends to celebrate together the summer solstice, eating tortelli and waiting the dew of St. Jean under the sky full of stars.

It’s the Tortellata of St. Jean and it’s the most magical night of the year!

In this occasion Christians celebrate San Giovanni Battista while pagans celebrate the moment when the sun marries the moon. Is common knowledge that during this night the planets and the zodiac signs cooperate to load stones and herbs of virtues. It’s a magical night, a prodigious night, for us is the beginning of summer!

Everywhere in Parma and surroundings people celebrate with tortelli home-made with egg pasta (flour, water and fresh chicken eggs) and strictly served immersed in butter and Parmesan cheese. The herbs in the filling can not miss and according to the beliefs those herbs picked up during the night acquire healing powers.

It is said that in the countryside of Salsomaggiore in this period of midsummer, the farmers took a little break from the work while waiting for the harvest and unfed looking for the benefic dew. Dinner was the only meal of the day and it had to be dairy based.

Bonfires were usually lit to cast out demons and dark forces of nature and empower the dew purifying influence.

Never as in this case food tells about us, our traditions and customs.
Due to this reason tortelli d’erbetta entered the De.C.O. products list, a register of local food products selected by a special commission, heritage of the collectivity to protect and to value.

Marry St. Jean night to everyone!


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