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A stroll through Primeval History


A stroll through Primeval History

Live an immersive and naturalistic adventure in the Stirone and Piacenziano Fluvial Park to discover ancient fossils

1 Salsomaggiore
2 San Nicomede


The Park as it stands at the moment was born at the end of 2011 by the union between the Regional Fluvial Stirone Park and the Natural Geologic Piacenziano Reserve.
The Stirone area extends through the province of Parma and Piacenza touching the towns of Fidenza, Salsomaggiore Terme, Alseno and Vernasca and it’s about 1 km wide each side of the river.
The Piacenziano area develops all in the province of Piacenza and protects the nine stations of the ex reserve spread in 5 different valleys of Castell'Arquato, Lugagnano Val d'Arda, Vernasca, Gropparello e Carpaneto Piacentino.
The Stirone is a stream characterised by fossil remains from an ancient sea.
The protected areas relate to three key morphological features: the river landscape, the hill area and the agricultural landscape.

A visit to the new MuMAB (Ancient Sea and Biodiversity Museum) in addition to the naturalistic tour of the park is recommended. In the new complex is possible to admire 5 cetacean fossils from the Stirone stream and from Campore former quarry.
The museum holds fossils discovered by the paleontologist Raffaele Quarantelli and rescued with the “Gruppo Paleontofili Salsesi” support.
This is probably the richest and the most important modern fossils collection of Emilia Romagna region if not of the whole Padanian Reservoir.

Crossed locations
  • 1  Salsomaggiore
     - Partenza 0,0 km
  • 2  San Nicomede
Itinerary highlights

Stirone and Piacenzano Park

Apart from being an area of great naturalistic interest the park has a particular paleontological importance.

MuMAB - Ancient Sea and Biodiversity Museum

The complex is now the most important access to the park since hosts and brings together in a modern and appealing shape the contents of both the "Ancient Sea" Museum once at the Congress Palace in Salsomaggiore, and the Naturalistic Museum once located in Scipione Ponte.

Parish Church of San Nicomede

The small church of St. Nicomede, preserves almost intact the Romanesque forms of the 12th century.

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