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Bike – 3. Riding around Salsomaggiore


Bike – 3. Riding around Salsomaggiore

Low difficulty route perfect for climbing fun riders. A challenging ride of almost 100 km in the surrounding hilly area. The route is characterized by a change of slops uphill and downhill, some of medium difficulty and with a total difference in heigh of almost 2,000 metres. Travel time: amateur 4h

  • 94 km


    4h e 10'


  • DifficultyMedium
  • Difference in altitude1980 m
  • Minimum height74 m
  • Maximum height650 m
  • Road surfacepavement
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1 Salsomaggiore Terme
2 Montauro
3 Lodesana
4 Ponteghiara
5 San Nicomede
6 Scipione Ponte
7 Salsomaggiore Terme
8 Cangelasio
9 Valico Pianazzo
10 Grotta
11 Pontegrosso
12 Valico Sant’Antonio
13 Pellegrino
14 Mariano
15 Case Boscaini
16 Varano Marchesi
17 Santa Lucia
18 Case Barbieri
19 Cella
20 Gabbiano
21 Pieve di Cusignano
22 Costamezzana
23 Santa Margherita
24 Osteria del Sole
25 Tabiano
26 Salsomaggiore Terme

With almost 2,000m of altitude over 100km of route, the route is suitable for lovers of ascent, allowing a panoramic tour of the hills surrounding Salsomaggiore, in a succession of climbs and descents, among ancient pievi, castles and good wine. It starts from the spa town, (recommended free car parking in Via del Lavoro) the direction of Fidenza, you go down the Stirone Park and begin the ascent to Pellegrino Parmense, passing through Monte Salso and then descending towards Varano Marchesi to skirt (run alongside) the Ceno stream. Continue towards Fidenza via Pieve di Cusignano, Siccomonte and away to the last ascent to touch the village of Tabiano Castello and finally return to Salsomaggiore Terme.

The itinerary is not only a beautiful excursion for "trained legs" but also an adventure to discover the characteristic hilly landscapes of the "Food Valley"; Along the way there are cultivated fields, ancient villas, manors and farmhouses that produce the renowned agri-food excellences all over the world. It is pleasant to take a few stops to break the route and admire from the top of the hills the foothill valleys.

Elevation profile
Crossed locations
  • 1  Salsomaggiore Terme
     - Start 0,0 km
  • 2  Montauro
     1,6 km
  • 3  Lodesana
     5,1 km
  • 4  Ponteghiara
     8,3 km
  • 5  San Nicomede
     10,8 km
  • 6  Scipione Ponte
     13,1 km
  • 7  Salsomaggiore Terme
     15,0 km
  • 8  Cangelasio
     16,9 km
  • 9  Valico Pianazzo
     21,3 km
  • 10  Grotta
     23,1 km
  • 11  Pontegrosso
     24,8 km
  • 12  Valico Sant’Antonio
     30,05 km
  • 13  Pellegrino
     35,3 km
  • 14  Mariano
     39,3 km
  • 15  Case Boscaini
     40,4 km
  • 16  Varano Marchesi
     47,8 km
  • 17  Santa Lucia
     50,7 km
  • 18  Case Barbieri
     51,8 km
  • 19  Cella
     57,1 km
  • 20  Gabbiano
     60,5 km
  • 21  Pieve di Cusignano
     66,4 km
  • 22  Costamezzana
     70,1 km
  • 23  Santa Margherita
     76,2 km
  • 24  Osteria del Sole
     79,8 km
  • 25  Tabiano
     88,3 km
  • 26  Salsomaggiore Terme
     - Arrivo 94,1 km
Itinerary highlights

Modern Architecture - Luigi Zoja Thermal Spa

The modern building important for its medicinal facilities was inaugurated in 1970.

Urban Historic Gardens - Mazzini Park

Cultural Heritage of Emilia Romagna

Parish Church of San Nicomede

The small church of St. Nicomede, preserves almost intact the Romanesque forms of the 12th century.

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