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“Girogustando” – Tasting itinerary to discover local tastes and flavours


“Girogustando” – Tasting itinerary to discover local tastes and flavours

Walking through the streets of Salsomaggiore, lovers of good food and local products can discover the tastes and flavors of the excellence of our land. Many shops and stores in the city-center offer tastings and purchase of the typical food and wine delicacies of the area.

Among the excellences the king is certainly Parmigiano Reggiano , which can also be purchased directly from the dairies located in the hills surrounding Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Terme.

In addition to cured meats, local products are also liqueurs such as “Camomillina” an elixir obtained exclusively by infusion of the Matricaria Camomilla flower, the “Bargnolino” distilled from the berries of blackthorn and the “Sburlon” , obtained from quinces.

The sweet tooth can taste traditional products such as “Brutti ma Buoni”, sweets made with hazelnuts and almonds which already describe their main characteristic in the name, and “amaretti”, produced with a mixture of sweet and bitter almonds. Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Terme boast an ancient artisan pastry tradition that includes the famous “focaccia” a leavened dough similar to the panettone rich in candied fruit, the artisan ice creams made by the master ice cream makers, which offer flavors linked to the local territory, and the refined artisan pralines,made with typical local specialties.

In the surrounding hills it is possible to discover farms producing not only Parmigiano Reggiano DOP but also genuine wines and organic honey, as well as extra virgin olive oil produced with an accurate selection of olives hand-picked from native plants.

Crossing the historic center of Salsomaggiore you will come across numerous restaurants and pizzerias where you can taste in addition to the traditional local dishes also the famous “high pizza” produced with a secret recipe and served in slice.

The aperitif in the center is also part of the local tradition, an opportunity to meet with friends tasting canapés, salads and salami. Each restaurant offers its own personalized and unparalleled aperitif, including the classic “Bersagliere” for the strongest palates.


Wines from the Salsomaggiore hills – Production and tasting

  • Azienda Agricola Contignaco – Locality of Contignaco Castello 125, Salsomaggiore Terme ph. +39 0524 573257  web
  • Tenuta Il Poggiolo – Località Cangelasio, 199 , Salsomaggiore Terme – Winery open for tasting and visits ph. +39 0524 574200 web

Liqueur factory – Craft production

  • Liquorificio Osvaldo Colombo since 1905 – Via Parma, Salsomaggiore ph. +39 0524 573109. The specialty of the factory is the liqueur “Camomillina”: an elisir obtained for infusion of the Matricaria Camomilla flower. It can be tasted warm or smooth and is a good digestive and relaxant liqueur.

DE.C.O. Products – Our traditional foods

  • De.C.O. products are some selected and local products, signed in a special register which have obtained the certification mark “Denominazione Comunale di Origine” Read more

Honey – Natural taste from the Salsomaggiore hills

  • Beekeeper “Casa Pietra” by Aldo Cella – Località San Vittore, 31 , Salsomaggiore Terme ph. +39 340 539921
  • I Mieli del Ducato Strada Grotta, 4 – Pellegrino Parmense – Esmeralda cell. +39 328 4698430 – Natural, handicraft and high quality honey. The hives are placed in the greenery of the parmesan hills. The honey after being extracted from the comb is treated respecting all the hygienic sanitary rules – web

Our Pasta and Leavened products

  • Deep-dish Pizza – Pizzeria Incontro – viale Berenini, 6/A – Salsomaggiore T. ph. +39 0524 574479 web
  • Deep-dish Pizza – Pizzeria La Porchetta – viale Romagnosi 5/M, Salsomaggiore T. ph. +39 0524 574111 web
  • Sweet Focaccia and Amaretti – Pasticceria Tosi – Lungoparco Mazzini, 5 Salsomaggiore T. ph. +39 0524 577066 web
  • Sweet Focaccia – Tabiano Bakery – Viale Alle Fonti, 7/B Tabiano ph. +39 0524 565233 web

… and much more!

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