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Sale et Terra de Salsis – Mixed itinerary ideal for trekkers, MTB bikers and trips by car


Sale et Terra de Salsis – Mixed itinerary ideal for trekkers, MTB bikers and trips by car

Attractive natural itinerary around Salsomaggiore Terme. Along the way you can explore an uncontaminated land and discover new landscapes

You’ll find out what were once the “Salt Roads”. The route named after the ancient salt merchants travelling to the town in order to buy salt – used for cooking and food preservation – obtained from the natural salsobromoiodic waters of Salsomaggiore.

The map reports both paths for cars and for walking or biking.
1 Berzieri Thermal Spa Palace
2 Pumping Station in Salsominore
3 Farnesiane Salt Mines
4 Podere Mille Pioppi
5 San Nicomede Parish Church
6 Castle of Scipione

Salt extraction is an ancient tradition, whose origins date to Roman times and to the Ligurian and Celtic peoples who inhabited these lands in even more distant times. The itinerary takes place between culture, nature, landscapes and identity. His name evokes an ancient document that testifies to these places and these people: a writing of 29 December 877 where the Bishop of Parma Guibodo cited the privileges received by Charlemagne, including "... salt et terra de Salsis." Following the path we go into places that still bring back to the origins of the land inhabited by the "Salsi": the thousand-year-old Castello di Scipione, the Pieve of San Nicomede, the Saline of the Farnesian era and the Pumping Power Station where, in 1900, salsobromoiodic water was extracted. Finally, we reach the path of Rio Gardello and the Museum Pole: experiences that immerse nature and the geological and palaeontological riches of a unique landscape.

Crossed locations
  • 1  Berzieri Thermal Spa Palace
  • 2  Pumping Station in Salsominore
  • 3  Farnesiane Salt Mines
  • 4  Podere Mille Pioppi
  • 5  San Nicomede Parish Church
  • 6  Castle of Scipione
Itinerary highlights

Terra de Salsis - Before the Berzieri Baths

From "salt village" to spa town.

Terra de Salsis – The Pumping Station in Salsominore

The territory of Salsa is furrowed by a network of underground bromide-iodine water layers that flows at depths of between 300 and 1200 meters.

Terra de Salsis - The "Farnesiane" Salt Mines in Salsominore

Ancient structure for salt production.

Terra de Salsis - Trekking & Hiking -The Rio Gardello Trail

The nature and geology of the salsominore valley are well represented by the nature walk that runs along the Rio Gardello.

Castle of Scipione

The Castle of Scipione of the Pallavicino Marquees is the most ancient castle of the region and the only one still inhabitated by the descendants of the Pallavicino family.

Parish Church of San Nicomede

The small church of St. Nicomede, preserves almost intact the Romanesque forms of the 12th century.

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