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The tour of the Lucciola


The tour of the Lucciola

From Piazza Berzieri to the hills and back

The tour of the Lucciola

  • 8.5km approx


    from 1H30' to 2H


    Ideal for Families, Other
  • DifficultyLow
  • Minimum height220 m
  • Maximum height225 m
  • Road surfaceasphalt

That Salsomaggiore Terme is an outpost of health has not been a secret for at least a century. However, only DOC citizens and regular visitors of the locality are aware of decompression itineraries such as the Tour of the Lucciola (firefly), which already from the name, borrowed from that of a historic restaurant now closed, presupposes a certain familiarity with the territory. With a pair of sneakers on, we start from Piazza Berzieri, right in front of the legendary spa complex, to head towards the Francani Sports Field. Here, the slope begins to grow, the plain rises and the journey forgets the city character to immerse yourself to the hills, achieve Marzano and touch the summit, from which you gain a splendid view of the Castle of Cotignaco, Fortezza degli Aldighieri. The annular shape of the route allows you to continue and descend towards Salsomaggiore, caught behind the post building and regained in the profile of the Berzieri spa complex. Cover picture by @Elisa Rizzardi

Itinerary highlights

Castle of Contignaco, Aldighieri's Fortress

Adalberto Pallavicino built the fortress during the XI century and seems that its main tower 30 meters high was built in 1030.

Liberty Building - Lorenzo Berzieri Thermal Spa

The Berzieri Palace is one of the most complex and fascinating building of the thermal city, landmark of the European thermalism and unique example of thermal Art Decò style. The liberty palace is counted in the Emilia Romagna Cultural Heritage.

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