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Trekking & Hiking – 1. Discovering the “City of Breath”


Trekking & Hiking – 1. Discovering the “City of Breath”

City of Breath namely “Città del Respiro”

A low difficult path on a paved road. The walk is a nice, short distance and safety itinerary to Tabiano, along the route you’ll find out  the unique beauty of the countryside with its rolling hills and its uncontaminated nature. Walking time: 1h and 30 min.

  • 3 km


    1h e 30'


  • DifficultyLow
  • Difference in altitude24 m
  • Minimum height143 m
  • Maximum height167 m
  • Road surfaceAsfalto
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The path start in the square in front of the tourist office of Tabiano along Viale Fidenza; follow the road in the direction of the Respighi Spa. After walking 500 meters you'll reach Verdi Square with the bust of the Master Giuseppe Verdi who was a famous guest of the Spa of Tabiano. The path proceeds along viale Alle Terme to reach the Respighi Spa Building. The bottling plant of the Tabiano's sulphurous waters used for doing aeresol at home, stands near the spa. The structure of the building, inspired by the rationalism style, was realized after the Great World War II and dedicated to Emilio Respighi who was the Chief Medical Officer from 1887 to 1912. In 1998 the building was expanded on a modern project by the architect Marco Dezzi Badeschi. Come back from the square in front of the spa walking through the boulevards of the Porcellini Park that is an ideal place to stop and relax breathing the fresh and clean air. Proceeding on the sidewalk and crossing the porches you'll arrive at the roundabout from where you can see the church of the Holy Heart. Turn left and go ahead on the sidewalk along via Tabiano until reaching the sport club "T-Club". The sport centre surrounded by the trees is an ideal place for a coffee break or, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can rent a court to practice tennis and beach volley. Now follow the main road to arrive at Camping Arizona and come back at the starting point.

Itinerary highlights

Emilio Respighi Thermal Spa

Wanted by the Duchess of Parma Maria Luigia of Austria was the first spa in Tabiano.

City Park - Porcellini Park

Green Oasis in Tabiano Bagni

Chiesa Sacro Cuore - Tabiano

La moderna struttura in cemento armato ricorda la forma di due mani giunte in preghiera

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