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The Dome of San Vitale


The Dome of San Vitale

Dome of Salsomaggiore Terme

The Dome of San Vitale

The Dome of San Vitale, notable for its 19 mt wide and 30 mt high octagonal cupola, was built in 1927.
The inside looks like a big circular room where is possible to admire the famous paintings by the artist Fontanesi.
Placed under the dome there’s the crypt dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

The original project of the present church, built on the foundations of an old building consacrated by the Bishop Grimerio in 1205 and rebuilt in the 16th century, dates back to 1914. Is a work by the architect from Piacenza Giulio Ulisse Arata (1881-1962) who introduced many changes.
The project was the result of a public competition to provide the city of an appropriate place of worship.
The crypt was built between 1928 and 1929, while the works for the whole building began only in 1934.

The building is inspired by the futurist style of the architect Antonio Sant’Elia. The skeleton of the building is made in reinforced concrete and finished on the external side with terracotta while inside is devoid of any decoration.
The church stands out with its majestic and austere structure, despite the “unfinished” sensation.

A new marble staircase was added in 2005 to connect both the main entries of the church.

Here the complete list of the churches and the parish churches

Via Giovanni Valentini, 10, 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme PR

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