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Trekking & Hiking – 3. Salsomaggiore Terme by way of churches and parks


Trekking & Hiking – 3. Salsomaggiore Terme by way of churches and parks

Low difficult path. It develops on a paved road through the city of Salsomaggiore Terme. The walk let you discover the typical buildings, boulevards and urban parks which gives the “garden city” its unique Liberty Déco style. Walking Time: about 2h.

  • 4 km


    2 h


  • DifficultyLow
  • Difference in altitude49 m
  • Minimum height146 m
  • Maximum height171 m
  • Road surfaceAsphalt
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1 Terme Berzieri
2 Pozzo Scotti
3 Galleria Warowland
4 Parco Corazza
5 Terme Zoja
6 Parco Mazzini
7 Stazione Ferroviaria
8 Parco Giacomo Tommasini
9 Sant'Antonio (Quartiere)
10 Viale Matteotti
11 Duono di San Vitale
12 Chiesa di San Bartolomeo

A walk through the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the city, starting from the splendid Berzieri Spa Palace. The noble Palace is dedicated to Lorenzo Berzieri, the doctor who discovered for the first time the healing power of the salsobromoiodic water. In 1912 the ambitious project of the new spa building was launched: a masterpiece realized by the architect Ugo Giusti and decorated by the artist Galileo Chini and its team of the Chini Furnaces in Florence. The building was inaugurated on may 27th 1923 and still is a unique palace, a well-balanced mix of Art Decò and Oriental Style. In front of the majestic building of the Baths is the Scotti Well, an old artesian well of salsobromoiodic water whose cage is made of wrought iron with weaves of branches and leaves, an obvious and interesting example of Liberty style. The manufacture is attributed to the Antonio Veronesi’s factory, made on a design by the architect Giuseppe Boni. The itinerary proceeds through the urban parks Corazza, Mazzini and Tommasini. The Corazza Park flanks Viale Romagnosi and hosts the statue of the Witch by Cristoforo Marzaroli. The Mazzini Park was planned by Giuseppe Roda during the early 20th century and strongly desired by the Queen Margareth of Savoy who was a famous guest of the baths for many years. Follow the ring boulevard and discover the botanic route “The Queen’s trees”. At last visit the Tommasini Park, near the railway station of Salsomaggiore, inaugurated in 1937. The Park is a part of the Tommasini Civic Court, once a huge thermal centre managed by the Italian National Insurance institute INPS and well-known as “Working-class Baths”. The wooded park once for the guests of the baths nowadays is an open garden with a children’s playground. Leaving the park on the coming back path you’ll find the Church of Saint Antony and then in Via Valentini the church of San Vitale, the cathedral of Salsomaggiore with an octagonal dome of 19 mt in diameter and 30 mt high. The final stop is at the church of San Bartolomeo which is the most ancient of the city founded in 1568 by the Confraternita Ducale del Sacro Sacramento on an ancient mine salt’ site.

Crossed locations
  • 1  Terme Berzieri
     Start - km 0
  • 2  Pozzo Scotti
  • 3  Galleria Warowland
  • 4  Parco Corazza
  • 5  Terme Zoja
  • 6  Parco Mazzini
  • 7  Stazione Ferroviaria
  • 8  Parco Giacomo Tommasini
  • 9  Sant'Antonio (Quartiere)
  • 10  Viale Matteotti
  • 11  Duono di San Vitale
  • 12  Chiesa di San Bartolomeo
Itinerary highlights

Liberty Building - Lorenzo Berzieri Thermal Spa

The Berzieri Palace is one of the most complex and fascinating building of the thermal city, landmark of the European thermalism and unique example of thermal Art Decò style. The liberty palace is counted in the Emilia Romagna Cultural Heritage.

Scotti Well Cage

The elegant Liberty Cage by Alessandro Mazzucottelli, wrought iron master.

Historic Building - Warowland Building

The wonderful neomedieval building which is nowadays seat of the Tourist Office.

Corazza Park and the Witch

Amongst the flowerbeds and the walkways of the Corazza Park you can admire the bronze copy of the Marzaroli’ sculpture “The Witch”

Modern Architecture - Luigi Zoja Thermal Spa

The modern building important for its medicinal facilities was inaugurated in 1970.

Urban Historic Gardens - Mazzini Park

Cultural Heritage of Emilia Romagna

Modern Architecture - Railway Station

The railway station clad in pink and white travertine was an expression of artistic and urban movements typical of the 20th century. Designed by the engineer Cervi, who took his inspiration from Milan’s central station, the building was inaugurated in 1937.

The Dome of San Vitale

Dome of Salsomaggiore Terme

Curch of San Bartolomeo Apostolo

La chiesa, dedicata a San Bartolomeo Apostolo, è la più antica della città.

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