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Church of S.Antonio


Church of S.Antonio

In 1914 Father the Capuchin monk Giulio da Podenzano asked and obtained the permission to built a convent and a church in Salsomaggiore dedicated to S. Antony from Padova. The consacration took place on 10th june 1915.

Church of S.Antonio

The church of S. Antonio was built in 1914 on a project of the engineer Giulio Bussandri and was finished in 1922.
Outside the building has a modern-romanic style while inside is composed by a single nave flanked by four chapels with four secondary altars.
The main altar is a precious baroque-style work.
Particularly noteworthy are the artistic pronaos of the facade, the slender bell tower, the internal decorations and the original 15th century style frescoes by Severino Bellotti. It’s possible also to admire some oil paintings by anonymous artists of the 18th century and valuable sacred furnishing.
Recently the building has been restored and the frescoed vaults has regained their old splendor recovering their polycrome colors.

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