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Mountain Bike – 8. Road to Montemanulo


Mountain Bike – 8. Road to Montemanulo

The principal aim of this medium challenging track is to enjoy yourself mountain biking. Along the route you’ll find the shrine of Montemanulo “Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie” dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a sacred place of the Catholic Church which dates back to 18th century and which is a destination of pilgrimages. So ride your bike and have fun it’s the best way to feel truly free, in harmony with nature. Ready for your new challenge? Travel Time: amateurs 2 h

  • 19 km


    2 h


  • DifficultyMedium
  • Difference in altitude511 m
  • Minimum height190 m
  • Maximum height376 m
  • Road surfacemixed: pavement, country roads and paths
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1 Tabiano T-Club
2 Tabiano Castello
3 Montemanulo
4 Fornacchia
5 Strada della Boffalora
6 Tabiano Castello
7 Tabiano T-Club

The starting point is the car park of the local sport center of Tabiano "T-Club". A short spurt uphill to reach the main road towards the village of Tabiano Castello. Crossing the small centre of Tabiano and flanking the urban park "Porcellini" you'll arrive at the first trail of this itinerary: a climb of about 1, 5 km at 7% slope. After warming up your legs you'll arrive at the foot of the village of Tabiano Castello but even before reach it the itinerary let you on the trails through the wood flanking the city walls. Some small difficulties wait the less trained people but nothing extremely complex, just a lot of fun! Go uphill on the coast to reach the Our Lady of Graces Sanctuary in Montemanulo, a place of worship since the early 18th century when we had news about the first miracles happened at a cippus representing the image of the Vergin. Leave Montemanulo and cover some km on the coast until reaching the paved road of the Boffalora. Follow the road for some km towards the Tabiano Castle. In the last section of the trail you can see the castle built on the top of the hill to protect the valley; on the road you'll find the small church dedicated to SS Gervasio and Protasio built during the XVI century . The castle owned to the Pallavicino Marquis and during its history survived to the Guelf and Ghibelline wars. At the end of the XIX century became a private house which is nowadays open to the public. Outside the fortress shows a typical watchtower and the superior part of the village is characterised by the city walls built in the XII and XIII century for defending the castle. Cross the village and proceed downhill on the last trail that lead you to the starting point passing in front of the Respighi Spa. The Respighi Spa is known as "The Spa of the breath" because of the healing powers of its sulphurous waters used to treat especially the respiratory diseases.

Elevation profile
Crossed locations
  • 1  Tabiano T-Club
     - Start 0,0 km
  • 2  Tabiano Castello
     2,8 km
  • 3  Montemanulo
     4,9 km
  • 4  Fornacchia
  • 5  Strada della Boffalora
     11,2 km
  • 6  Tabiano Castello
     13,9 km
  • 7  Tabiano T-Club
     - Arrival 19,2 km
Itinerary highlights

City Park - Porcellini Park

Green Oasis in Tabiano Bagni

Church of S.S. Gervasio and Protasio - Tabiano Castello

The small church of Tabiano Castello is dedicated to the saints Gervasio and Protasio.

Castle of Tabiano

The Castle was built during XII and XIII centuries and was completly renewed at the end of XIX century when it was reconverted in a private house.

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