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Castle of Tabiano


Castle of Tabiano

The Castle was built during XII and XIII centuries and was completly renewed at the end of XIX century when it was reconverted in a private house.

Castle of Tabiano

Tabiano Castle has very ancient origins, dating back to between the 10th and the start of the 11th century. Prior to this, it had been the site of a Roman settlement, favoured for its strategic hilltop position dominating the plains of Tablanus. Tabiano is considered one of the most important defensive structures of the feudal age in Upper Emilia, as well as being the main military fortress of the Pallavicino marquises for the defence of Via Emilia, Via Francigena and various salt wells.

During its first four centuries, the Castle was inextricably linked to the events of the early and late middle ages in Italy: wars between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, between the empire, the papacy and the communes, with sieges, destruction, conquests and betrayals, but also tales of love and family conspiracies. Tabiano changed hands many times and was an object of contention involving the most powerful families of the feudal period: the Pallavicinos and the Terzis, but also the Corrnazzanos, the Viscontis and even Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor. The end of the 15th century signalled the start of its gradual decline, in part linked to a change in military strategy that reduced the importance of defensive fortresses.

New life was breathed into the Castle in the 19th century, thanks to Giacomo and Rosa Corazza who bought it from Sofia Landi. Celebrated artists and the area’s most highly skilled artisans were commissioned to decorate the castle’s private rooms and magnificent reception rooms with wonderful stuccos, frescoes and floors. Significant remains of fortified structures still stand, including the two round towers to the south and north (built in the 12th century), much of the curtain wall and the keep (13th century) with the drawbridge that provided the only access to the Castle until the Late Middle Ages.


E’ possibile effettuare visite guidate all’interno del castello.

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