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Via Francigena – Fidenza and the Pilgrim Route


Via Francigena – Fidenza and the Pilgrim Route

A road of fundamental importance that connected Rome to northern Europe, traveled by pilgrims to reach the holy places of Christianity.

1 San Nicomede Parish Church
2 San Giovanni in Contignaco Romanesque Parish Church
3 Cathedral of Fidenza
4 Cabriolo Parish Church (Fidenza)
5 Chiaravalle Abbey (Alseno)

The Parmesan section is the strategic point, passage in the Middle Ages to cross the Apennines and that way reach Rome. The route from Fidenza to the Cisa Pass is still a great artistic historical heritage. On this street, men, cultures, languages and stories have passed through, the signs of which are clearly visible: just think, for example, of the extraordinary testimonies of Romanesque in the Cathedral of St. Donnino in Fidenza, which is also noted for the Municipal Palace, the Medieval Tower and the remarkable Museum of the Cathedral. Information about the paths and the visit of Trust in the attached file.

Crossed locations
  • 1  San Nicomede Parish Church
  • 2  San Giovanni in Contignaco Romanesque Parish Church
  • 3  Cathedral of Fidenza
  • 4  Cabriolo Parish Church (Fidenza)
  • 5  Chiaravalle Abbey (Alseno)
Itinerary highlights

Parish Church of San Nicomede

The small church of St. Nicomede, preserves almost intact the Romanesque forms of the 12th century.

Cathedral of Fidenza

Along the Via Francigena, the beautiful Cathedral of Fidenza, dedicated to St. Donnino, dates back to the 12th century and is a splendid example of Romanesque Emilia-Lombardo.

San Giovanni in Contignaco Parish Church

On the top of the hill was built, in pre-Roman times, the church of St. John. Inside you can admire frescoes from the 14th and 15th centuries and pictorial testimonies of a singular local artist.

Cabriolo Parish Church - Fidenza

Walking on the Via Francigena – Places of the spirit and soul.

Castelnuovo Fogliani (Alseno) - Church of San Biagio

8 kilometres from Chiaravalle you can visit the charming village of Castelnuovo Fogliani and the Church of St. Biagio Bishop.

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