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Tabiano Bagni and the Thermae of Breath


Tabiano Bagni and the Thermae of Breath

Tabiano Bagni, situated only 4 km from Salsomaggiore, in rolling green hills, is a magical place and a perfect location for the wellbeing of body and mind. The little spa resort with a very ancient castle, is easily accessible by a healthy walk, cycling or by car

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1 Respighi Thermal Spa
2 Village of Tabiano Castle

In a landscape of peace and tranquility, surrounded by rolling hills, walking along the avenue to the Baths you can admire in the heart of the resort the great park Porcellini, area dedicated to relaxation, full of different species of trees, and reach in a few minutes the spa "Respighi". The mineral water of the Tabiano Baths is a cold water, sulphur-sulfate-calcium-magnesiaca and with a very high hydrogen sulfide content. Known as early as 1800 as the most sulphurous water in Europe, it is still considered among the waters with the highest concentration of sulfates and sulphurous gases. It is formed by the divation by the meteoric water of limestone-cariate rocks formed in the Messinian period and is used after a long route (path) in the depths of the earth. In the spa, Tabiano's sulfureous waters are used to prevent and treat numerous diseases of bronchi, ear, nose, throat and to treat many skin diseases, including burns.

The spa also offers several wellness treatments at the Wellness Center: massages, mud masks as well as cleansing, moisturizing and supernutrient treatments that give light and elasticity to even the dullest skins.
Info: Tabiano Baths - Spa Avenue - Tabiano Baths Tel 0524 564111 - toll-free 800 861385

Crossed locations
  • 1  Respighi Thermal Spa
  • 2  Village of Tabiano Castle
Itinerary highlights

Emilio Respighi Thermal Spa

Wanted by the Duchess of Parma Maria Luigia of Austria was the first spa in Tabiano.

Castle of Tabiano

The Castle was built during XII and XIII centuries and was completly renewed at the end of XIX century when it was reconverted in a private house.

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