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A stroll through Salsomaggiore – War Memorials


A stroll through Salsomaggiore – War Memorials

Monuments and testimonies to historical events and conflicts

A short walk through the urban center of Salsomaggiore Terme, to discover monuments and historical testimonies that honor the memory of fallen soldiers. The artistic works dedicated to memory, characterized our cities and the contemporary history of our society.

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Monuments and testimonies to historical events and conflicts

Departure: Via Bacchelli – Monument to the fallen in the Great War. The bronze monument, the work of the sculptor from Salsomaggiore Alberto Bazzoni (1889-1973), celebrates the soldiers from Salsomaggiore who fell in the first World War.
Three figures of soldiers, two of them lifeless, lie on the sides of the base above which stands the glorious infantryman, regardless of the danger, with the body stretched in the effort to throw a handgrenade at the enemy.
 The route continues along Viale Porro, cross the intersection and turn left into Via Pascoli.

“Garden of Remembrance KZ Dora- Buchenwald , monument dedicated to the deportees of the second World War, who perished in the extermination camps. The monument inaugurated in 1987, was created by the artist from Salsomaggiore Aldo Menoni, (1928-2007), who entrusts the geometric shapes and their arrangement in space with the task of revealing the dramatic meaning of the work, erected not to celebrate an illustrious character, but to remember the tragic era of deportees in extermination camps.
For the third stage, go to via Loschi, if You want You can stop at the Municipal Palace (Town Hall), where a plaque dedicated to the fallen for freedom (1943-1945) is displayed in the atrium.
 In the last world conflict, Salsomaggiore Terme played a significant role in the liberation struggle and in this regard the city was awarded the Bronze Medal for Military Valor.
From Piazza Libertà, proceed along via Romagnosi, once you reach Largo Roma, keep right towards Piazzale Giustizia, where the monument to the Alpine Corps “Penne Mozze d’Italia” is located. The monument inaugurated in 1983, signed by the sculptor Aldo Menoni from Salsomaggiore, is dedicated to the 83 Apline soldiers from Salsomaggiore who fell in the second World War and is a symbolic representation of the pain.
Walking along the aera of Parco Corazza and therefore in Via Berenini, you reach largo Bazzoni (in front of Terme Zoja) where we find the Monument to Resistence, dedicated to the memory of the 64 victims who died during the second World War. Made by the sculptor Louis Molinari, born in Paris but of Piacenza origins, it was inaugurated in 2004; the work is composed of the four elements of life: the Earth, represented by the basic circle; Heaven depicted by doves; Water, identified by the central fountain and Fire assimilated to light. Three characteristic white doves, a symbol of peace, rise towards the sky. The itinerary ends at the Warowland Gallery in Piazza Berzieri where the tourist Information and Reception office is located. Under the arcade of the gallery, a plaque and a wall relic are exposed, in memory of the fallen of the First World War, an indelible testimony that the city of Salsomaggiore Terme wanted to leave in memory of the heroic citizens and soldiers who died during the First Great World Conflict.


It should also be noted: in Piazza Brugnola the obelisk named after Cesare Battisti, the monument was donated to the citizenship in 1916 by Baron Attila Paganini, former Mayor of Salsomaggiore between 1903 and 1904. The work underwent several shifts; the current location dates back to 1924, when with a solemn ceremony, in the presence of Queen Margherita and Adalberto of Savoy, the monument was “reconsecrated”. In San Nicomede there is a “Monument House” dedicated to the Fallen of Salsominore 1918 – 1925; In Contignaco and San Vittore, near the respective churches, we remember the fallen in conflicts of the 20th Century and similary it happens near the manors of Tabiano Castello and Scipione Castello. In the cemetery of Salsomaggiore there is a chapel dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the liberation struggle, partisans and civilians; while in the Castellazzo (Lucciola) area, stands a stele in memory of the Fallen of the 31st G.Garibaldi “Forni” Brigade.

Itinerary highlights

Monument to the fallen of the Great War

The bronze monument, the work of the sculptor of Salsomaggiore Alberto Bazzoni.

Garden of Remembrance Kz Dora-Buchenwald

Monument dedicated to those who were deported during the Second World War and perished in the concentration camps.

Monument to the Alpine Corps "Penne Mozze d'Italia"

The monument is dedicated to the memory of the 83 Alpine soldiers from Salsomaggiore who died in the 2nd World War.

Monument to the Resistence

In memory of the partisans from Salsomaggiore, who died during the 2nd World War.

Historic Building - Warowland Building

The wonderful neomedieval building which is nowadays seat of the Tourist Office.

Great War Shrine 1915-1918

Built in memory of former employees of the Municipal Council of Salsomaggiore Terme who fell in the 1st World War.

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