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The Post Office Building

The Post Office Building

A prestigious and functional sober but impressive building

The Post Office Building

A prestigious and functional simple but impressive building

The Postelegraphic Building or Post Office Building in Salsomaggiore Terme is located in Piazzale Giustizia, within a green area owned by the municipality, on the top of a slight hill that favors the majesty of the building. Designed in 1933 by architect Renzo Beretta and engineer Dino Torelli, head of the Municipal Technical Office, the postelegraphic building was inaugurated on November 4, 1934 with a solemn ceremony, official speaker the undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications H.E. Romano, among the admiration of the citizens. The postal and telegraphic services then came into operation on April 21, 1935 and still today the building houses the Central Post Office of Salsomaggiore Terme.

The building is very linear and sober in shape, in a modernized classic style, with a wide staircase entrance. The predominant elements of the facade, concentrated in the structure of the central body, are three large openings with semicircular marble columns that support the cornice and confer celebratory impressiveness. The main floor, very bright, houses the counter rooms that welcome the public.

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