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Mountain Bike – 6. Winning uphill Combu Mountain


Mountain Bike – 6. Winning uphill Combu Mountain

Medium-high difficulty trail arranged on changing paths with short technical parts perfect for MTB experts. It is an uphill track, mountain biking you will lead to the top of Combu mountain. Riding you’ll share the absorbing adventure of the landscapes passing through, the hills surrounding the countryside. On the way you’ll bike across the village of Cangelasio, Pietra Nera (black rock) a small natural lake basin till the village of Contignaco. Along the track you’ll find out the natural beauties of the hilly land and you’ll challeng yourself in a new exciting mountain biking trip. Are you ready for the ride challenging? Travel Time: amateur 2 h.

  • 24 km


    2 h


  • DifficultyMedium
  • Difference in altitude666 m
  • Minimum height153 m
  • Maximum height515 m
  • Road surfacemixed: pavement, country roads and paths
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1 Salsomaggiore
2 Cangelasio
3 Case Passeri
4 Cangelasio Costa
5 Faieto
6 Pontegrosso
7 Grotta
8 Contignaco
9 Piè di Via
10 Salsomaggiore

Start: car park in Viale del Lavoro in front of the Luigi Zoja Thermal Spa. Pass the city center near the magnificent Berzieri Spa Palace and the Scotti Well drilled in the late 19th century for extracting the thermal water. Proceed uphill on to via Valentini and then on to viale Porro towards Cangelasio. The first part of the path is on asphalt and leads you on the coast of Cangelasio where you can have a panoramic view of the nearby hills. Passed the locality go ahead on SP 109 until the valley, going through Case Passeri and riding on the asphalt road at the side of the Stirone River. Along the road you can admire the Castle of Vigoleno (open to visitors) erected on a promontory to dominate the whole valley. Merge onto the dirt trail which flanks the rocky spur Pietra Nera, an ophiolitic stone witness of the ancient times and their geologic upheaval. Follow the dirt track and start the challenging climb to the top of Combu Mount (350 metri s.l.m.). The uphill which is hard both for the slope and for the rough and gravelly ground, a real "agonistic challenge" for MTB lovers, ends in Cangelasio Costa. Follow the road towards Faieto and then plunge again into the green and nature. After a couple of km through the lush vegetation you'll reach Pontegrosso and start the come back downhill to Salsomaggiore Terme. In the last part of the ride you'll pass through Contignaco where you can admire on the left the ancient fortress built by Pallavicino during XI century and on the right the beautiful Romanesque Church of San Giovanni. The Castle of Contignaco is open to visitors and offers the possibility to taste local wines produced by the homonymous winery. Downhill again, cross the round traffic island and flank Corazza Park with the bronze sculpture by Cristoforo Marzaroli; last meters to arrive at the point of departure, tired but satisfied to have conquered the top of the Combu Mount!

Elevation profile
Crossed locations
  • 1  Salsomaggiore
     - Start 0,0 km
  • 2  Cangelasio
     4,4 km
  • 3  Case Passeri
     8,0 km
  • 4  Cangelasio Costa
     11,5 km
  • 5  Faieto
     13,8 km
  • 6  Pontegrosso
     17,1 km
  • 7  Grotta
     17,6 km
  • 8  Contignaco
     19,2 km
  • 9  Piè di Via
     19,9 km
  • 10  Salsomaggiore
     - Arrivo 24,2 km
Itinerary highlights

Liberty Building - Lorenzo Berzieri Thermal Spa

The Berzieri Palace is one of the most complex and fascinating building of the thermal city, landmark of the European thermalism and unique example of thermal Art Decò style. The liberty palace is counted in the Emilia Romagna Cultural Heritage.

Scotti Well Cage

The elegant Liberty Cage by Alessandro Mazzucottelli, wrought iron master.

Stirone and Piacenzano Park

Apart from being an area of great naturalistic interest the park has a particular paleontological importance.

Castle of Contignaco, Aldighieri's Fortress

Adalberto Pallavicino built the fortress during the XI century and seems that its main tower 30 meters high was built in 1030.

San Giovanni in Contignaco Parish Church

On the top of the hill was built, in pre-Roman times, the church of St. John. Inside you can admire frescoes from the 14th and 15th centuries and pictorial testimonies of a singular local artist.

Corazza Park and the Witch

Amongst the flowerbeds and the walkways of the Corazza Park you can admire the bronze copy of the Marzaroli’ sculpture “The Witch”

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