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Bike – 4. The hills of mild flavours


Bike – 4. The hills of mild flavours

A cycling route of medium-low difficulty that twists and turns in the coutryside in a lovely scenery you won’t forget. Riding from Salsomaggiore to Noceto discovering our good local food and wine. Travel time: amateur: 2h

  • 48 km




  • DifficultyMedium
  • Difference in altitude636 m
  • Minimum height69 m
  • Maximum height368 m
  • Road surfacepavement
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1 Salsomaggiore Terme
2 Poggio Diana
3 Tabiano Bagni
4 Cabriolo
5 Santa Margherita
6 Borghetto
7 Lago Tana
8 Cella di Noceto
9 Varano Marchesi
10 Case Mezzadri
11 San Vittore
12 Piè di Via
13 Salsomaggiore Terme

The tour focuses on food and wine, allowing the tasting of the typical products of the area: cured meats, DOC wines and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP. It starts from the spa town, (recommended free car parking in Avenue of Labor) to climb up to Tabiano - at the top of the hill or with a small detour you can admire the Castle and the small Medieval Village.

Continue in the direction of Fidenza; leaving Tabiano, downhill, you will meet, in the location of Cabriolo, the Romanic Pieve dedicated to St. Thomas Becket, located along the Via Francigena, the route of pilgrims that from Western Europe led the travelers to Rome. Then proceed to Noceto; crossing Borghetto the road remains crossed until the end of the journey. In Varano Marchesi you will have passed half the route. Climb the hills towards Case Mezzadri, the highest point of this excursion, then follow to San Vittore and Contignaco where you can admire the ancient Romanic Pieve of St. John and the Castle of Contignaco, Fortress of the Aldighieri home to a local winery.

Characteristic of the territory is the production of food and wine: along the way there are numerous places where you can taste and buy typical local products: cured meats, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, DOC wines and local products with the name De.C.O. – Municipal Designation of Origin.

Elevation profile
Crossed locations
  • 1  Salsomaggiore Terme
     - Start 0,0 km
  • 2  Poggio Diana
     1,2 km
  • 3  Tabiano Bagni
     3,7 km
  • 4  Cabriolo
     8,8 km
  • 5  Santa Margherita
     12,2 km
  • 6  Borghetto
     14,2 km
  • 7  Lago Tana
     17,1 km
  • 8  Cella di Noceto
     27,4 km
  • 9  Varano Marchesi
     32,3 km
  • 10  Case Mezzadri
     35,3 km
  • 11  San Vittore
     40,8 km
  • 12  Piè di Via
     44,4 km
  • 13  Salsomaggiore Terme
     47,8 km
Itinerary highlights

Cabriolo Parish Church - Fidenza

Walking on the Via Francigena – Places of the spirit and soul.

San Vittore Church

The church was initially called "Plebs Curticellis", a name that can be traced according to some sources to the name of the town of San Vittore in medieval times, "Corticelle", according to some hypotheses as it was included in one of the small courtyards in which the territory was divided.

San Giovanni in Contignaco Parish Church

On the top of the hill was built, in pre-Roman times, the church of St. John. Inside you can admire frescoes from the 14th and 15th centuries and pictorial testimonies of a singular local artist.

Castle of Contignaco, Aldighieri's Fortress

Adalberto Pallavicino built the fortress during the XI century and seems that its main tower 30 meters high was built in 1030.

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