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Salsomaggiore Terme’s Spa and its unique Thermal Water


Salsomaggiore Terme’s Spa and its unique Thermal Water

The itinerary is dedicated to the spa vocation of the city and highlights the main buildings that characterize the town’s styling. A walk in the centre, along the astonishing Liberty of Thermae Lorenzo Berzieri and the modernism of Luigi Zoja Terme.

The route winds through the city's thermal ring, between boulevards, parks and historic gardens. Focus of the itinerary are the spa buildings Berzieri and Zoja, a short distance from each other that represent a net antithesis of styles. The Berzieri Baths, unique and inimitable in the Art Nouveau style, tell the magnificence of a historical past of high artistic value; The Zoja Baths in modern style, more sober and linear in form represent the conception of the architecture of the seventies of the twentieth century. Both buildings, however, reflect the great value that was given to the City of Salsomaggiore and its thermal waters, a source of well-being and being well off naturally. Salsomaggiore's thermal waters are mineral waters rich in iodine, bromine, sulfur and calcium from which in the past a food salt called "Niveo" marketed in Italy was also obtained. The thermal waters salso bromine iodiche are indicated for both spa treatments for certain pathologies and for wellness treatments at the spa spa.
"In salus water." For information: Baths of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano - Piazza Lorenzo Berzieri - Salsomaggiore Terme te. 0524 582611

Itinerary highlights

Liberty Building - Lorenzo Berzieri Thermal Spa

The Berzieri Palace is one of the most complex and fascinating building of the thermal city, landmark of the European thermalism and unique example of thermal Art Decò style. The liberty palace is counted in the Emilia Romagna Cultural Heritage.

Artistic Pottery by "Chini Furnaces" from Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence)

Thermal Decò style, the artisitic talent of Galileo Chini and the Berzieri Thermal Spa Palace of Salsomaggiore

Scotti Well Cage

The elegant Liberty Cage by Alessandro Mazzucottelli, wrought iron master.

Modern Architecture - Luigi Zoja Thermal Spa

The modern building important for its medicinal facilities was inaugurated in 1970.

Terra de Salsis - Before the Berzieri Baths

From "salt village" to spa town.

Terra de Salsis - The "Farnesiane" Salt Mines in Salsominore

Ancient structure for salt production.

Terra de Salsis – The Pumping Station in Salsominore

The territory of Salsa is furrowed by a network of underground bromide-iodine water layers that flows at depths of between 300 and 1200 meters.

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