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Salsomaggiore Terme’s Marching Band

Salsomaggiore Terme’s Marching Band


The marching band of the town of Salsomaggiore Terme was founded at the end of 19th century as a symphonic band. Afterwards the group was appointed as official Municipal Marching Band and only after the Second World War it became a folk group.

Historically, as a municipal representative, the band performed marching along the streets of town centre entertaining people and participating to the important events organized  by the city. In the 50s Salsomaggiore’s Marching Band did the honors opening the traditional parade of a famous Italian well known event called “Corso dei Fiori”, a traditional and imposing flower parade show. In this time, always in evidence was a personage called “Ciustren” (local dialect name) of Gino Artusi, the band’s mascot, who preceded the musicians dancing hilariously embracing a big rag doll. “Ciustren” usually dressed up as a gentleman with a white swallowtail, a monocle, a walking stick and a bowler. He became very popular and famous and his personage characterized the group. Salsomaggiore’s Marching Band was so renowned that it performed in travelling shows around Italy and also abroad. In 1970 a big innovation, the band was supported by a group of majorettes.

The typical colors of the band’s uniform are white and light blue and men wear the traditional boater. Nowadays the Salsomaggiore’s Band promotes music and holds music learning classes for adults and young people and organized courses for majorettes. The Marching band performs indoor concerts too.

Contacts: Complesso Bandistico “Città di Salsomaggiore Terme” APS – Via Partigiani Salsesi 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma, Italy)


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