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Outdoor – Cycling Itineraries

Outdoor – Cycling Itineraries


Bicycle itineraries with routes of varying difficulties.

Discover our 5 bike routes from easier to those more difficult and enjoy a bicycle trip riding in a fascinating rolling hilly land, share the absorbing experience of the landscapes you pass through and find out its natural beauties. We have selected the best bike itineraries: low level difficulty (3), medium level difficulty (1) and medium/low level difficulty (1) suitable for every type of cyclists: experts, beginners and families.

Every itinerary can be downloaded from your Smartphone or from any electronic device.

The bicycle network around Salsomaggiore and Tabiano is made up of 5 bike itineraries for a full length of 358 km, arranged on different types of bike routes, where you can explore an uncontaminated land and discover new landscapes riding uphill and downhill through the marvelous hilly area. The bike routes winds on road surface and some of them, even if evaluated low level, are challenging for the length of the cycling circuit. Each itinerary is able to give you a unique and unforgettable experience riding in a lovely scenery you won’t forget! The best way to feel truly free, in harmony with nature.

Along the bike routes you will discover, besides the nature’s flora and fauna, ancient castles, shrines, parish churches, old houses in the countryside, saltworks and ancient wells. Are you ready to ride you bicycle and experience new adventures?

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